A Complete Overview on Applying for SBA Loans

SBA Loans Broker in New York

SBA loans provide flexible repayment term and competitive interest rates, based on the loan type you take out. And when you meet the criteria for a loan, you might get access to valuable resources that can assist you put your money to excellent usage. It is more significant that small businesses have access to SBA loans. But these loans are disreputable and demanding to meet the criteria for, so you need to have a plan prior to you applying.

Applying for an SBA Loan 

Applying for an SBA loan can be tedious, but with the help of SBA Loans Broker in New York it can be done very easily. And understanding the correct steps to take will make the procedure simpler. Listed below are the steps you can take prior to and after applying for an SBA loan. 

Collect your paperwork

One of the lengthiest aspects of applying for an SBA loan is all the paperwork that is needed. Take the time to put together everything you need prior to approaching prospective lenders. You will need to submit the following documents:

1. Your business and personal financial statements
2. A very comprehensive business plan
3. Your business’s total financial history
4. Your business and personal tax returns from the earlier two years
5. Articles of incorporation
6. Your CV
7. Business licenses
8. Financial projections to make a case for how you will be able to reimburse the loan

Know your eligibility

Before you begin the application procedure, you will want to ensure your business is eligible for an SBA loan. Check to make sure you meet the SBA’s description of a small business, which can differ based on the industry. Also, check your credit to ensure you are in excellent standing.

Remember, if you have never applied for a business loan before, then you are not entitled for an SBA loan. The SBA needs to see that you have applied for funding from other lenders unsuccessfully.  

Select an SBA lender

Then select a bank or lender that works with the SBA. It is a good idea to contact multiple lenders and, if possible, try to search for a personal connection at that bank. 

Complete your application

Once you have provided all the essential information and your lender is pleased, it will give you an SBA loan package. You will fill out the needed forms and submit your materials to the SBA. 

After applying, you will get a letter of intent (LOI) from your lender. This letter will sketch your terms, potential rates, and how much money you are eligible to get.

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